His Personality(Intro of Murshid Alaeh Rehma).

His Personality:

Musk and Amber are not needy of any introduction; rather they are themselves their introductions. Ustaz ul 'Ulama Huzoor Qibla Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan Mufti Faiz Ahmed Owaisi (Allah's mercy be upon him) had the similar attribute. Allah had made him possessor of various attributes and specialties. Huzoor Qibla Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Allah's mercy be upon him) was the shining light of 'Laarh' tribe, and this 'Laarh' tribe was originated from descendants of Hazrat 'Abbaas (May Allah be pleased with him). It is said that three brothers from the same tribe, who were disciples of Ghauth e Samadaani Mahboob e Subhaani Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jeelani (May Allah be pleased with him), came here in subcontinent (South Asia) and achieved the status of martyrdom while fighting war against Non-Muslims. In the art of progression, Huzoor Qibla Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Allah's mercy be upon him) had that incomparable personality in the art of construction that he has written about 5000 books. He raised his pen on every issue of this era and opened every issue through his unique style. Generations coming after will attain benefits from his books for ages. In the art of teaching, he was matchless. Whether it is Islamic sciences and arts or teaching of Hadith and Tafseer, millions of his disciples are removing the darkness of ignorance this moment and spreading luster of knowledge. His native land is 'Pakka Laarhaan, district Raheem Yaar Khan' but he gave 'Bahawalpur' the honour of residence. It was the time when bustles of heretics were on its peak in that place to this extent that there was no place for Ahle Sunnat to take position. But the steadfastness of Huzoor Qibla Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Allah's mercy be upon him) changed condition; today calls of, “Peace and blessings be upon you O Messenger of Allah!" are given in about 150 Masajid, and all these are grace of uwaysi Sahib (Allah's mercy be upon him). Such personalities are countless in the history of Islam, who, are qualified and eligible of knowledge and spiritualism, but a particular person is superior on them. Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jeelani (May Allah be pleased with him) and Khwaja Mu'een ud Din Ajmeri (May Allah be pleased with him) are great knowledgeable personalities but their superiority was in spiritualism which is why their names are written in the list of Sufi nobles. Also, Muhadith e A'zam e Pakistan Maulana Sardar Ahmed Khan Qaadiri (Allah's mercy be upon him), Ghazali e Zamaan Syed Ahmed Sa'eed Kazmi (Allah's mercy be upon him) are significant in knowledge and spiritualism but their superiority was in knowledge, which is why their names are written in list of scholars and Muhaditheen. The same way, Huzoor Qibla Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan Mufti Faiz Ahmed uwaysi (Allah's mercy be upon him) by all means was eligible and qualified in spiritualism and knowledge but since his superiority was in knowledge which is why his name is more popular in the world of knowledge, however his spiritual status was known to only those who were in this field.

A Magnificent Personality of Islamic World:

Pious persons of Allah Almighty have been present in every era and will remain till the Last Day. The Dooms Day will not occur until saint of Allah is not present on earth. He was among the same noble personalities who have given their lives for propagation Tauheed and Prophethood. He had always been busy in publicizing the religion and considered truthfulness his only ideal. It is clear from his life and character that worldly dignity and rank did not have any importance. He never gave any attention in gaining money and assets and worldly benefit, and remained busy in achieving the happiness of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in every step. 1. 1. He was such consecutive writer and learned scholar of today's era to whom there is no match found with regards to his abundant books and writings. 2. He was counted among those who work in different camps at a time. 3. He was unique in delivering speech, teaching and also in investigative writings. 4. He was king of translation and explanation of many voluminous and momentous tomes. 5. He himself of example in piousness, holiness and knowledge. 6. He was prominent scholar of Ahle Sunnat and commemorative elder. 7. He started writing from the age of student and possesses natural zest in writing. 8. He was seen with pen and paper even while traveling and sojourn. 9. His pen and thinking consisted of Barakah (blessings). 10. His style of communication was very sweet, polite, simple and normal but was full of scholarly poise. 11. He adopted humbleness in presence, was considerably simple, was filled with mysticism and piousness and love of RasoolUllah (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), and was prominent saint of Allah and pure noble person. 12. He was an incomparable orator, great lecturer, glorious worshipper without pretence, devotee scholar, saint with purity, representative of Sunnis and flow of devotion and piousness. 13. He was an outstanding and skilled teacher of Tafseer, Ahadith, Fiqah (jurisprudence) etc. 14. He was one famous Mufassir e A'zam, Muhadith of his time, Mufakkir (thoughtful) e Islam, Raees ut Tahreer (glorious writer), Imam ul Munazireen (Imam of debaters), Ustaz ul 'Ulama wal Fudalaa (teacher of scholars and learned ones), Abul Muftiyan (father of Muftis) and Qutb of today. 15. He was the person who was recognized as Ghazali of age, Raazi of time, Thaani (second) e A'la Hazrat and means of Ahle Sunnat in the beloved country of Pakistan. I am saying about the sentinel of Maslak, gift of Allah, Mufassir e Qur'aan, fountain of blessings, king of scholars, life of Sunnis, a great human, duke of country, possessor of mysticism, representative of Maslak; who is known as "Sun of Silsila e uwaysia", whose name is Hazrat Allama Mufti Faiz Ahmed uwaysi (Damat Barakatuhumul 'Aaliah). Yes! He was the same personality who got opportunity to visit Haramain Sharifain every year since 40 years, who himself was Hafiz (memorized of Qur'aan by heart) and his children are also Hafiz, who himself was scholar and his children are also scholars, who himself Mufti and his children are also educators of Islamic issues, who himself was simple and his children have also become model of simplicity, who is uwaysi as well as Qaadiri, who is picture of elders in today's world, who special student of Muhadith A'zam e Pakistan Maulana Sardar Ahmed Khan sahib (Allah's mercy be upon him), who is debater of Islam, who naked sword for hypocrites, who is filled with love of RaoolUllah (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him),who is beloved of hundreds of scholars of Ahle Sunnat, who name's flags have been set, who sacrificed his wealth, heart, self for Ahle Sunnat, who talks what Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Muhadith Barelvi (Allah's mercy be upon him) said, who is Khalifa (successor) and mureed (disciple) of Hazrat Alhaaj Khwaja Muhammad Deen Seerani (Allah's mercy be upon him, successor of Hazrat Khwaja Muhakm Deen Seerani), who was also Khalifa and Mureed of Mufti A'zam e Hind Maulana Mustafa Raza Khan Noori Barelvi (Allah mercy be upon him). ((It is a pray to Lord Almighty that He, with medium of Beloved Prophet, enhances Mufti uwaysi Sahib's knowledge and deed and long life, Aammeen!))

He himself was his example:

Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Madda Zillahul 'Aali) was possessor of humbleness, great mystic and pious person and dipped in love of RasoolUllah (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). He was student of Muhadith A'zam e Pakistan Maulana Sardar Ahmed Khan Faisalabadi , disciple of Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Muhakim ud Din Seerani and appointed Khalifa of Huzoor Mufti A'zam e Hind Mualana Mustafa Raza Khan Noori (Allah's mercy be upon them all). Initially, he started his academics in Hamidabad, district Raheem Yaar Khan, where propagation of religion is continuing even today and many of his related ones are running Madaaris Jam'iaat in the country and foreign countries. Mahir e Rizawiat Hazrat Allama Professor Doctor Muhammad Mas'ood Ahmed Naqshbandi Mazhari (Chief Head of Idara Tahqeeqaat e Imam Ahmed Raza, Pakistan) writes about Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan "His published and unpublished books are printed in alphabetical order. For this, I agree with the opinion of famous Mufakkir and researcher Hazrat Allama Professor Doctor Mas'ood Ahmed that instead of alphabetical order, it will be desirable and easily reachable for readers to produce list of his books according to art and titles." Professor Allama Ghulam Mustafa Mujaddidi of Shakargarh (Allah's mercy be upon him) says "I am remembering the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) which is 'By Allah! I'm not afraid that you will become polytheists after me but yes I'm afraid that you will be lost in worldly assets'. Allah be praised! We are not polytheists. But, Allah forbid, are indulged in world and wealth. I knock every fearing person's heart such that if we do not take care of noble people like Hazrat Allama Mufti Muhammad Faiz Ahmed uwaysi Rizawi then history will not forgive us".

He as Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan:

Following are conditions which must be found in scholars to be Mufassir (writer of Qur'anic exegesis):

Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Madda Zillahul 'Aali) added a new chapter in the world of Tafseer. He provoked revolution in the world of translation by translating famous Tafseer of Ahnaaf "Roohul Bayaan" by the name of "Fiyood ur Rahmaani" in 30 volumes. Popularity of translation "Fiyood ur Rahmaan" can be seen by this thing that their may not be any bookshop in any city of Pakistan which is not adorned by Fiyood ur Rahmaad, rather it is now published in India as well and all ordinary and extraordinary people are benefitting from it. In the 200 year history of subcontinent, pen of Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan broke the record of Tafseer e Mazhari. He also added a new Tafseer in the world of Arabic Tafaseer by writer Arabic Tafseer "Fadl ul Mannaan Fi Ayaatul Qur'aan" in 10 bulky volumes. Tafseer Fadl ul Mannaan's introduction, Tafseer of Surah Fatiha and some chapters of Qur'aan came on screen, rest are waiting for a capable struggler to get published and enlist his name in this glorious work. Other than these, he wrote many other Tafaseer.

A glance on list of Tafaseer written by Faiz e Millat:

Some famous and successful debates by Huzoor Faiz e Millat:

Allah be praised! Huzoor Faiz e Millat defeated the oppositions in the field of debates also. He was known to be the splendid debater of Islam, and in some debates he took victory by a single sentence. Once he was under education to his teacher Muhadith A'zam e Pakistan Maulana Sardar Ahmed Khan sahib (Allah's mercy be upon him). A person came and said Huzoor the foes has worried us in our area, they are diverting innocent Sunni Muslims by treacherous questions, so you give us any debater so he can have debate with them. At that time, Faiz e Millat was coming forward who was young at that time. Muhadith A'zam e Pakistan (Allah's mercy be upon him) said "My lion is coming, take him with you". The extent of knowledge of Faiz e Millat was his powerful weapon in that field. Normally it happens that a scholar adopts the fields of teaching and lecturing but rarely appears in speech and sermon. If he adopts field of speech and sermon then he could not recognize his name in field of writing. If he does writing then maybe rarely he could do debates. But praise to this struggler who didn't leave any field where he didn't work, and wherever he worked Lord Almighty made him Ghazi (victorious fighter) in return of his purity. Let's see where Faiz e Millat defeated foes.

A glance over victorious debates of Faiz e Millat:

First Debate: In 1372 Hijri (1956 AD) after completion of Dohra e Hadith, he did a triumphant debate with Moulvi Naseer Ahmed Deobandi on topic of "Elm e Ghaib" in town of Bihaar Baloch due to which the whole town is protected from hypocrisy till today. Some days before this debate, another debate was arranged but its details could not be taken. Second Debate: In 1391 Hijri (Friday 28th May 1981 AD) held a debate with Molvi Abdul Kareem Shah Deobandi of Dera Ghazi Khan. Third Debate: In 1391 Hijri (1981) did a tremendous debate with Molvi Abdullah Shah Deobandi in Nawabshah. Fourth Debate: In 2nd Rajab ul Murajjab 1391 Hijri (Tuesday 24th August 1971), in Bangla Malkani, Liaquatpur, district Raheem Yaar Khan, did a debate against a famous Deobandi Molvi in which, as usual, Allah granted Huzoor Faiz e Millat the victory. Fifth Debate: 11th Safar 1405 Hijri (Tuesday 26th November 1984), in village Bait Hazari, Ilaqa Jattoi, district Muzaffargarh, gained victory in debate against Molvi Abdush Shakoor Deenpuri Deobandi. Sixth Debate: 1407 Hijri (Tuesday 4th March 1986) was held in place of Tube well Chaudhry Noor ul Hasan, Moiz Kundi, district Lodhran where he won the debate with Molvi Allah Bakhsh Ghair Muqallid Wahabi. Seventh Debate: 1408 Hijri (Wednesday 17th June 1987), did debate against Molvi Yousuf Rahmani in which Rahmaani got defeated. This was held at Marhi Palla near Head Islam, Tehseel Hasilpur, district Bahawalpur. Eighth Debate: Ziqa'ad 1419 Hijri (Friday 3rd June 1999) in Ghazipur, Tehseel Shuja'abad, district Multan, did a victorious debate against Molvi Abdul Sattar Tounswi.

Huzoor Faiz e Millat as a holy spiritual guide:

Today a flood of Piri Muridi has occurred in society. Ignorant, deedless, arrogant and idol-type Pirs (fake spiritual guides). It has become difficult to differentiate between real and fake, as if Piri Muridi has become a business. In this treacherous age, common people feel by their own decree that bigger the car and bigger the palace, bigger that Pir would be, which is completely false thinking and way. We have left the way of our elders. Way of our nobles is seen rare in society. It is seen quite infrequently that the real humble men are refreshing the memories of our elders due to which we remember our elders by seeing them, in which the jurisprudence of Imam e A'zam Abu Hanifa, art of Tafseer and Hadith on Imam Suyuti, propagation of religion by Ghauth e A'zam, research of Sheikh e Muhaqqiq Abdul Haq Muhadith Dehlvi, Imam Raazi's Tafseer and love of Imam A'la Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat is seen. The living picture of these noble personalities is "Huzoor Qibla Faiz e Millat" who was present in Bahawalpur. He was letting the lost and thirsty of mysticism humanity drink the shining water of love of Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). It was like he has opened an unmatchable store of love of Holy Prophet, Tauheed and Risaalah, and spring where people quench their religious and spiritual thirsts. This humble man had mystical powers; that used to sit in an old torn mat; he had no palace, no security guard, no particular timings, no protocol, and no kingly haughtiness. It was like, as his name Faiz Ahmed, he was fulfilling needs of every needy who came with his spiritual, religious and worldly matters. It is yet strange that he called all his Murids (disciples) as "Pir bhai", that he called himself Murid of Huzoor Ghauth e A'zam and his own Murids, who took oath through Faiz e Millat's hands, too murids of Ghauth e A'zam. This is why he didn't call those who take oath via his hands as his Murids but "Pir bhai". In his court, there was no demand of sheep and goat, nor he cured with stick and strikes and nor usual market of Taweez (sacred written chit to be worn), no selling, no lengthy methods of sweep and blow, no synthetic anger and smile as that of professional Pirs, no terror and fear on face and no arrogance in style of speaking. This was the educations of true and pure love of Muhammad Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings of Allah) taught by A'la Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat. He was really one who adopted Sunnah, keeper of Hanafi jurisprudence of Imam e A'zam, with humble life, modest clothing, actions bound of Sunnah, a great example of politeness; not only to Pakistan but propagated message of love of Mustafa (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) with spreading beautiful smile in European countries. This is called a real Pir (spiritual guide) and actual Muridi (becoming disciple), Allah and his beloved come to remembrance when looking at him. Verily, these are the gifted people with whom Allah is pleased and they are pleased with Allah. Wish of adopting these people's way is taught by Ummul Kitab (Surah Fatiha in Qur'aan). "The path of those whom You have favoured" (Surah Fatiha, 1:7)

Huzoor Faiz e Millat as great Jurist:

Huzoor Qibla Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Madda Zillahul 'Aali) at one place produced a name and place in sciences of Qur'aan and Ahadith, has also seen as "Thaani e Abi Hanifa" in the world of jurisprudence. Come! Let's take you to tour of the garden of uwaysi books. "Fatawa e uwaysia" which consists of 12 volumes, is tremendous and golden work of Hazrat uwaysi. Other than Fatawa e uwaysia, list of Huzoor Faiz e Millat's books in jurisprudence are as follows (for details read "Ilm key moti"): Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan's first, with important issue, is compiled as questions and answers sequence in "Kashkol e uwaysi" (10 volumes) whose some volumes have published and have been appreciated from places of knowledge, are also published in the topic of jurisprudence.

A glance over other books of Faiz e Millat in jurisprudence:

Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan as great educator:

Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Madda Zillahul 'Aali) gave special attention to this field as well. He as Mufassir, Muhadith, researcher, writer, debater, explainer, propagator; has also taken title of "great Mudarris (educator/teacher)". Other than education of Tafseer of Qur'aan and Hadith, he taught his students Dars e Nizami also. In this, he gave special attention on translation, explanation and writing footnotes. Come let's see what diamonds did Faiz e Millat spread.

Faiz e Millat's books for Dars o Tadrees:

Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan as translator:

Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Madda Zillahu 'Aali) brought revolution in the world of translation. He gave a golden chance to common people by translating books of marvelous books. Let's see which books did Hazrat translated and how he became Mutarjim e A'zam after Mufassir e A'zam.

Books translated by Faiz e Millat:

A list of other translations of Faiz e Millat:

Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan and A'la Hazrat Imam Ahle Sunnat:

Huzoor Faiz e Millat Allama Mufti Muhammad Faiz Ahmed Uwaysi Rizwi Muhadith Bahawalpuri (Madda Zillahul 'Aali) got Khilaafat of Silsila e Qadria Rizawia from younger son of A'la Hazrat Azeem ul Barakat Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Fazil e Barelvi, that is Huzoor Mufti A'zam e Hind Mustafa Raza Khan Noori (Allah's mercy be upon them all). Also, Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan's research was the same which is the research of Imam Ahle Sunnat Fazil e Barelvi, though he is counted among prominent researchers. But he considered A'la Hazrat's research as his research and issued judicial decrees with accordance to it. His research was completely agreeable to the research of A'la Hazrat. This decision of a great Muhadith, Mufassir, researcher, and writer is role model of all of us. Other than this, Imam Ahle Sunnat's Naatia poem compiled in 2 parts "Hadaaiq e Bakhshish", Huzoor Faiz e Millat proofed his eager closeness and respect to Imam Ahle Sunnat by writing its detailed explanation in 25 volumes. What is this Sharah Hadaaiq e Bakhshish? Instead it is a whole Rizawi Encyclopedia. Then special attention and glance from Aastana 'Aalia Bareilly Sharif is on Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Madda Zillahul 'Aali). Some years ago, Huzoor Faiz e Millat got sick by the disease of heart. Sajjada Nasheen of Aastana 'Aalia Bareilly Sharif Subhan Raza Khan sahib Subhani Mian came to Jamia uwaysia Rizawia (Bahawalpur) by road from Gujranwala to attend and ask health. What else could be better than this for Jamia uwaysia Rizawia and for level of love and kindness from Aastana 'Aalia Bareilly Sharif? Other than this, Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan (Madda Zillahul 'Aali) wrote numerous thick and thin books on personality of A'la Hazrat. For details, see "Ilm k Moti" list of uwaysi books. Huzoor Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan as great Muhadith: Respected Readers! Huzoor Qibla Faiz e Millat is seen at a high rank as Muhadith e Kabeer after as Mufassir A'zam e Pakistan. Huzoor Faiz e Millat keeps love with Ahadith of RasoolUllah (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) enjoys excellence in art of Hadith. This honour is also possessed by Huzoor Muhadith Bahawalpuri (Madda Zillahul 'Aali) to be "Shaarih Siha e Sitta". Many volumes of complete explanation of Bukhari Sharif "Sharah ul Faiz ul Jaari" are published in market and rest and still to be published. Also, explanations of Muslim Sharif, Tirmizi Sharif, Nisai Sharif, Ibn Maja Sharif, Abu Da'ood Sharif will soon be published. Other than Siha e Sitta, Huzoor Faiz e Millat has done great works in the world of Hadith, let's have a brief glance on his books.

Books of Faiz e Millat in the field of Hadith and its explanation: